The Normalization of Negativity

Hello there! I apologize for the late post, but I’ve been having a challenging time figuring out a topic until it dawned on me a few days ago; negativity has many sides and one, in particular, is that people tend to use negativity on purpose throughout their day.

The normalization of negativity is a constant and present problem that I think most people are dealing with in their day to day lives. If you pay close attention to others, you’ll find it’s quite simple to spot those that use negativity as a dominant driving force at home, in public, or at work. Whether it’s cussing to yourself because of the bad driver in the lane next to you or trying to find a way to explain yourself to others about your busy day. Have any of you ever felt that some people choose to be negative because they think that is the norm, and to be positive is the wrong choice to make? It’s so much easier to be negative, and for some, it takes a lot of energy to get past what is bothering them that day. I’m not saying negativity is always wrong and I genuinely believe it can help you in life. I believe small amounts of negativity can be healthy because it can push us in the right direction, and I say that because even though I’m a Buddhist and I focus on positivity every day, I still find myself feeling small amounts of negative energy. But what do I do with my negativity?

  1. I process what’s happening and see a positive in the darkness
  2. I don’t ignore the negative feelings or thoughts, and try my best to understand where they’re coming from around me.
  3. I talk to my family or friends. Whether you realize it or not, talking about situations with others can help lift the stress, because they might have experienced what might be going on in your life.

Processing negativity isn’t always easy for me, because I can be an emotional soul depending on the situation at hand but I still find my way back to the positive light. But there’s always one positive for me when I’m down in the dumps, and that’s telling myself, “I’m only human.” I have every right to feel negative or positive, but it is entirely up to me how I respond and act. If you ever feel like negativity is eating you up inside, stop yourself from projecting that negativity elsewhere and see if you’re capable of finding the positive.

-The Minimalist of Galveston Isle.

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