Why Not Now?

Why do a majority of people wait to change something about their life around January 1st?  If this change is so important, why not attempt the change in the now?

When I discovered Minimalism, I didn’t wait until 2017 came strolling around to make the change. The moment I discovered that documentary on Netflix I started my journey and practicing in small doses. I could have easily used the following excuses:

  • I’m too busy, I don’t have time for change
  • It feels weird starting something new so far in the year
  • There’s always time in the future
  • I’m not in the mood
  • I can always start minimalism next year when I’m better prepared

You get my point, right? Mankind is on a master level when it comes to excuses and not making change for the better. We get so set in our ways that we are unable to attempt or see change as a positive. If you want to lose weight start now! Want to try a new style? Start now! There is no better time than the present. We tend to focus on the past and the future so much that we lose sight of what is truly important, and that’s what in front of us right now. If you want a better future, focusing on the present right now will get you there faster.

One thing that I immediately changed after moving back to Galveston was the amount of time I spend with friends. I’m an expert with being a lone wolf, but I also know human interaction is key to living a positive life, especially when you’re spending that time with people you truly care about. I love my private time and meditation time, but I know I need some form of interaction throughout the month and why not spend that time with amazing people?  Plus, a big part of minimalism is giving up the material objects and focusing on the people you love and care about in that life.

Another good example is that I’ve started doing my own research with Zen and Buddhism.  These are topics I could have easily waited to study on January 1st, 2018 but I know that I’m able to start that in the present. If it could easily better my life, why would I wait to make that change? I’m not perfect and I still suffer from laziness when it comes to change and trying new things, but I’m finally at that point where I’m doing what’s best for Present Jeff, not just Future Jeff.  My final advice is that you push for positive change now, not later.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and Happy Holidays!


Minimalist of Galveston Isle.

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