Holiday Cheer or Holiday Sorrow?

Too often we confuse consumerism with happiness and this can lead to a very unhappy holiday season and/or life. There’s nothing wrong with purchasing gifts for others, but when we decide that the cutthroat way of shopping is necessary, you’ve forgotten the true meaning of the holiday season.

Have any of you ever seen the videos of Black Friday shoppers in the United States? If you haven’t, take a look sometime. So many individuals push, shove, punch, and hurt others for a deal or sale and seem to just walk away like they are victorious in the name of the Holidays. Besides the bloodshed, do you ever recall shopping for a “hot” item and feeling the anxiety take over trying to get that item? I remember that feeling and I don’t miss it one bit. Companies know how to manipulate the buyer into “needing” this item now and the consumer will even pay the full retail price to be one of the “chosen” few to have that item.

It sickens me knowing people would hurt others for the sake of a sale. I like to imagine a world where people rush to the homeless with their food/money in hopes of making someone’s year; I like to imagine a world where companies are honest with the buyer and try not to get them to buy buy buy. Sometimes I feel like we live in an alternate universe where greed is the thing to strive for and if you can save a penny or hurt someone in the process for an item, you’re doing the right thing.

Minimalism has helped me remove the consumerism goggles and has shown me what’s truly important this holiday season:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Practicing Minimalism 
  • Donating to the homeless more
  • I do enjoy buying for others, but I will not wreck someone’s day just to say a penny
  • Relaxation (yes, taking the time to relax gives you time to think and meditate more)

This is also the time to remember what you’re thankful for and what opportunities you have been given because you might have more than others or you might be at a point in your life where you feel content, while others are still struggling to find that happiness. Why do people feel the need to always have more when most have so much already? We are wired that way and I’m going to backtrack when I say companies know how to manipulate us all. You can rewire your brain to a version of your choosing and it’s quite simple. Just put forth the effort and you will make that change a reality!

“Be excellent to each other.” Yes, I just quoted the movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure! It is the perfect quote for everyday living and I wish everyone practiced its meaning.  Thank you and Happy Holidays to you and your family!


MInimalist of Galveston Isle.


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