Kick Negativity to the Curb

Besides being a minimalist, I also practice the art of positivity. What’s the art of positivity, you ask? I’ll tell you!

The art of positivity is taking extreme effort into being positive throughout your day and not letting small negative impacts ruin your day. Example: In the past, if I was ever late for work I would have based my whole day on that one event, and in that moment a negative day was created. Now, I would just tell myself that at least I’m on my way now and better late than not showing up. It’s so easy to be negative and to blame a bad day on a singe mistake or person, but why do people choose to live that way? The only reason I can think of is that it gives us a reason to not own our mistakes throughout that day or to just place blame on another person. It’s a lot easier to find an excuse than to own up to something in this world and I know most of you reading this have probably blamed a bad day on a small event like being late for work.

How is minimalism connected with being positive? Well, minimalism has helped me get rid of distractions that didn’t bring value to my life and negativity falls under those distractions. A negative thought can fester in your mind and then spread throughout your whole body, which then causes an adrenalin rush making one flustered and aggravated. I always hated getting flustered with my aggression and it has almost gotten me in trouble in the past. Don’t get me wrong, I still have negative thoughts sometimes and I even get upset while driving when someone cuts me off, but those little outbursts are okay, especially since some of those outbursts are just human nature. But what we fail to realize is that most negative moments, actions, and thoughts can be easily avoided if you train your mind to disregard the bad and replace with the good!

While working today I approached a man with his daughter and asked if any help was needed. After he said “no” I asked how he was and he politely asked me the same in return. I told him with a positive tone, “No complaints on my end.” He then proceeded to say he liked my positive response and I explained to him that even if I had a negative morning I like to find positives that can cancel out the negative. That response made his day, and how do I know that? Because he told me! My positive energy, speech, and approach changed his morning and that brightened my entire day. It feels so good knowing that I was able to connect with a complete stranger in a way that altered both of our days.

Steps to being positive (Things I actually do and practice):

  • When someone says something negative about their day, ask them the following: “Tell me a positive about your day.”
  • Share positive posts on social media and find a positive page that spreads positive and encouraging posts daily. That one post can truly turn someone’s day around.
  • Train yourself to stop negativity in its tracks. When you know you’re about to start thinking negative thoughts, remind yourself that you are in control of your emotions. Choose to be positive!
  • If something breaks or shuts down remember it’s just an object that can be replaced or fixed. Money does play a factor, but to me, money is just another stressor. I can always save for something new or to be fixed. I still have my life and breath in my lungs and that’s what counts.
  • Do something nice for a stranger or loved one. You’d be surprised how one small act of kindness can alter your day and the day of someone else.

I understand that some negativity is almost impossible to leave behind and that’s why I’m about to open up with you even more. I’ve had anxiety most of my adult life and it has always been an annoyance in my life, but when I was a police dispatcher my anxiety was amplified and then I slowly started to become depressed. The job itself wasn’t the main reason for my downfall, but the hours and the constant overtime drove me to a breaking point. When your 6yr old niece says, “You need a better job, Uncle Jeff”, you know it’s time to find a new career. I had to find a way to combat my anxiety/depression, more so after my dad passed away; that’s when I decided to go to the beach everyday to de-stress and think about my life. Quitting dispatch is the main reason I’m no longer in that dark place, but going to the beach was my true medicine. Going to the beach everyday helped me think about my life, which eventually led to me deciding to quit that terrible career and help my family and myself instead. If you’re stressed/anxious/depressed from work or people, do your best to rid yourself of those stressors. Yes, sometimes you just can’t quit your job, so start looking for something better! You do not have to be tied down to a career you hate for the rest of your life, people. Do what’s best for your mental and physical health. But you can easily get rid of negative people in your life. Where is it stated on paper that you must keep every negative friend or person around? Nowhere, that’s where.

You are the boss of your own mind and thoughts and no one can tell you how to feel during a day in the life of YOU!

If you’re reading this right now, thank you. I know you don’t have to give my posts your time, but you did and I truly value you as a reader. I know my opinions and values aren’t the same as many, but I love knowing I live in a world where my thoughts and opinions can be shared. Also, if you are someone that does suffer from anxiety/depression there are people out there that can help professionally. Sometimes professional help is needed and there is nothing wrong with seeking help.


Thank you,

-Minimalist of Galveston Island


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