No Shopping for Lent

Hello Lent and hello no shopping for the next 40 days!

I am a shopper. I get excited over a good bargain, love me a good thrift store and – realistically – have more than enough clothes and bags to last me a lifetime.

Yet I continue to shop – and for me, it’s emotionally driven.

Feeling bored – shop! Feeling stressed – shop! Feeling annoyed – shop! Kids driving me batty – shop! Battling PMS – head to Target!

When I thought about what to give up for Lent I balked at the idea of giving up shopping. In the past I’ve tried doing a shopping ban and have lasted about a week. So why should lent be any different? I’m Catholic, but to be honest not a terribly good one. I struggle from time to time with my beliefs. But I do believe I participate in a culture of excess – and that excess is at the detriment of other human beings on our planet and on the planet itself.

So, I am embarking on 40 days of no shopping for Lent 2020. I hope this period not only makes me understand more the hardships we are meant to undergo through this period, but I also hope it helps me face my shopping addiction head on with all the ugly emotions it’s bound to bring up.

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